Hidden Waters Farm & Market

We are located in the heart of central Maryland where we raise our livestock and run our farm store, the Market House. In addition to our meats, we sell organic produce, Hidden Waters Honey, and a selection of other farm products.

Farming the Way our Ancestors Farmed

Hidden Waters Farm was established in 1915, principally as a sheep farm and orchard. The farm operated within the principles of traditional farming, with a mix of crops, animals, and plantings that all worked together in a naturalistic way. As with many farms, "modern" agricultural practices were adopted after WWII, with the reliance on herbicides, pesticides, tillage, and single crop planting to chase greater yields. Since acquiring the property, Tom and Joe have returned to "farming the way our ancestors farmed", passionately pursuing an approach that respects the animals and respects nature.

Our Promise to You
No Chemicals ◆ No Hormones ◆ Non GMO.